Kinder Tank


This is what Kinder & Tank is made of. A cloud like feeling of softness can now be worn as part of their first T-shirt collection as basics or with limited edition prints. The two founders, Australian Ezra Kinderman and Ukrainian Boris Tankilewitsch met in Berlin and together founded the label in the city which they now call home. From the beginning they were in agreement that the trifecta of quality, comfort and style would constitute the key elements of their business. On top of this common understanding in regards to fashion, their shared Jewish heritage and ancestral connection to the fashion industry dating from prewar Europe united and inspired the two to resurrect the tradition.

During their research they happened upon the feather soft modal fabric and a mill which produced the yarn in an innovative and environmentally aware production process. The Kinder & Tank modal is made in Austria from beech wood using the so called CO2 neutral " Edelweiss " process. The most unique feature of this fabric is that it is at least twice as soft as cotton. Combined with modal being twice as water observant as cotton the fabric was the perfect choice for the two sports obsessed founders